13 July 2023

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On Tuesday, Mr Henshaw took his Year 7 Maths class to MathsCity, an interactive maths museum in Leeds. 

7E2 were specially invited by Lancaster University School of Mathematics (LUSoM) for their excellent work earlier in the year when they took part in a ‘live lesson’ which was watched by teachers from around Lancashire. 

The pupils were beautifully behaved and had a great time building 'Leonardo's Dome' and getting inside the human sized bubble. 

"My favourite part was the Leonardo's Dome and the bubbles where we had to pull the rope and it would make a bubble," said Saachi.

Mollie R-P said, "My favourite was when me and my friend went in a massive bubble and when you could only look in a mirror to draw a fish and star!" 

"I really liked the kaleidoscope and the bubbles. I also enjoyed the puzzles and creating the dome,"  added Joe K.

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