31 March 2023

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During their lessons this half term, RE teacher Mrs Ham, has really been getting her pupils into the spirit of Religious Education.

Pupils from Key Stage 3 have been taking part in a spirited art competition which focused on the current topic for each year group.  Pupils were tasked with designing a piece of artwork to show their personal insight on their year group topic.
Year 7 – What are our rights and responsibilities?  
Year 8 – What is the truth? 
Year 9 – What happens when we die? 
Mrs Ham received some amazing artwork and has chosen the pupils below as her winners: 

Year 7  Masie R,  Jacob R,  Maya R  |  Year 8 Taylor K, Lucy J, Libby H 
Year 9 Tilly P, Hannah B, Eloise G
Thank you to everyone for getting involved and sharing your amazing ideas!  

RE spirited artwork

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