29 March 2023

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Assistant Head of Maths Mr Henshaw, along with the Maths Department, ran a competition asking pupils to say what they particularly enjoy about the subject. Pupils were tasked with completing the following sentence,  "I love Maths because..."

Here's why Grace and Megan love Maths:


...because it is the basis for everything; maths helps solve plenty of problems.  It's also the basis for some of the most important subjects like maths or in my case, finance for business. It helps so much that.  Of course I love maths!


...because of how intriguing and flexible it is. Maths has helped humans for many years to make some incredible discoveries such as the distance between the Earth and other celestial bodies, calculating kinetic energy, taking measurements for engineering and so much more. 

Without maths, the world would be a much more mysterious place and I think that's why it's such a fascinating subject. Not only are there millions of questions still unsolved, but there is also a million different ways of reaching those solutions. The idea of discovering the unknown, even if that thing is something as simple as working out a maths equation in school, gives a sense of achievement that makes you want to find out more and more on the topic. Thank you for reading!

Pupils that want to claim an 'I love Maths' badge should simply click the link below to access the survey and write Mr Henshaw a sentence or two explaining why they love maths. The best responses from each year group will be selected and also featured here in our article.


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