8 February 2023

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Here's what our Cool Readers Club is all about...

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher.  We interview them about their current book, what they like reading about and what they like to do when they’re not reading.  Introducing Junior...

Junior wants to be an engineer but has a love for English which is why he was chosen as one of Mrs Gidden’s Cool Readers. 

Junior is currently reading ‘Bearmouth’ by Liz Hyder. 

“Bearmouth is a mine and it’s about a guy who works there but he is not really a guy. He was taken to the mine at a young age and he doesn’t know his parents. One of his friends is killed and that’s where I am up to really. 

“It’s a disaster/ fantasy story and I am enjoying it, it’s a bit different. 

“My favourite series of books is ‘The Blackthorn Key’ by Kevin Sands. 

“It’s set in London in the 17th century and it’s all about alchemy and puzzles. I like to be taken to another world when I read! 

“My favourite subject in school is science as I want to be an engineer in the future.” 

Junior's English teacher, Mrs Elliott added, "Delighted to see Junior as our Star Reader!  He's really keen and certainly evidences his breadth of reading through his clearly wide-ranging knowledge!  Whether it's mythology or physics he's usually got some nugget of information to contribute to the discussion!  Well done, Junior!"

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