27 January 2023

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Wow, who thought that Textiles could be so much fun! 

In Year 8, pupils have the learning opportunity to create a fully functioning product based on their own chosen theme.  Pupils learn how to apply a range of hand stitches, use the applique technique and some also having a go at adding embellishment to their final eye mask.  During the term, pupils will also learn about the material, 'felt', which they will be using to make their mask as well as natural and manmade fibres and the importance of sustainability.

The theme for their eye mask could be football, cartoons, Pokémon - anything they fancy - which they need to research. They then use this research to create a design, but they also have to use a specification.

What is a Specification? 

A specification is a list of specific points which the finished item should include.  The pupils had to:

  • Design and make ‘themed’ eye mask
  • It will be made out of felt
  • Use a range of sewing skills (hand and/or machine)
  • Create the features of the theme using the applique technique
  • Use embellishment to refine the eye mask

The first Year 8 rotation did an amazing job and I wanted to share with you some fantastic, well executed, fully functioning products.

Year 8 Technology - Eye Masks

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