2 December 2022

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Yesterday Preston College visited Priory to deliver a session with the Year 11 Childcare group. 

The session, delivered by Nicoleen Campbell from the college, both tied in with some revision work which the pupils are doing in order to prepare for their official exam in January but also give them an insight into potential careers within the Health and Social Care sector which they could go on to study in their post 16 provision. 

Childcare teacher, Mrs Holland said, "The students were really engaged in the session and it opened their eyes to how many possible careers they could work towards with a Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care including, doctors, nurses, therapists, physios, social workers, midwives, teachers and many more."

This was a really valuable session both from a subject and future careers perspective. Nicoleen will return to deliver her session to the current Year 10 cohort in the summer term.

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