11 November 2022

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Priory’s top debaters have entered a national competition and said it has boosted their knowledge and communication skills. 

The ESU’s Schools’ Mace Competition is extremely competitive, it’s the oldest and largest debating competition for schools and is open to Years 7-13, involving around 300 schools from each year group. 

History teacher Miss Ackers runs the Debate Club at Priory every Thursday and decided that her dedicated pupils should put their talents into practise. 

Miss Ackers said: “I have been doing the Debate Club for a number of years. I enjoy it and it’s part of my subject. A natural progression from the club was to start doing competitions and let the pupils put their debating skills to the test."

Aisha, Grace, Olivia, India, Millie and George made their debut in the heats on Wednesday against older pupils from Stonyhurst College in Clitheroe. 

Miss Ackers said: “They were given a topic: ‘Should educational policy be decided by educational staff or politicians’ and we had to argue that it should be decided by politicians.  - the tougher side!"

“Three pupils debated while three worked behind the scenes, formulating arguments and giving opposite views to help the team practise.” 

Olivia said: “The Debate Club is a great opportunity to develop my communication skills and logical knowledge. It helps me practise speaking out which I may need in the future.  I enjoyed researching the topic we were given. You go in with one view and then you do actually start thinking the other side is right! It keeps you open-minded and makes you look at something from a different perspective.” 

Aisha said: “I really enjoy Debate Club. It’s challenging, it makes your brain work but most importantly, it’s fun.” 
India added: “It helps with English and trains you to come up with things quickly when you need to.” 

As we went to press, we are still awaiting the results and feedback however, whatever the outcome, we are extremely proud of the team. 

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