4 October 2022

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This week it's all about: Power Ballads

Those emotionally-charged, agonising, tormented pieces of music which ebb and flow gently, and then suddenly – when you least expect it – erupt with the gush of a tsunami. 

The lyrics are over-the-top and sung in a pleading, heart-wrenching manner, with exaggerated statements about plummeting to the ground on broken wings, doing it for the glory of love or holding on and never saying goodbye etc. 

In a musical sense, they are often performed at a slow tempo, with a big sound wall of a backing with rock elements, like distorted guitars, loud, heavy drums and belting vocals. The lyrics are usually romantic - either a celebration of a great love, a lost love or sometimes equally painful, an unrequited love. 

MABAL is music played through the school's tannoy system during break and lunch.  Chosen by Mr Taylor, Lead Teacher for Music, this is designed to offer exposure to the curriculum in different ways, and support pupils' appreciation of music.

The focus is on one theme each week across a genre, a country or from history.  The theme could also link to the season or an event in school, such as the school production.  Any further suggestions are welcomed - pupils should see Mr Taylor or email a.taylor@priory.lancs.sch.uk 

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