3 October 2022

Priory’s gardens are our pride and joy and award-winning gardener Mr Farron wants to let parents and pupils know what to expect each month as the landscape changes.  

Mr Farron has almost finished Phase 2 in the Priory Gardens and, now we are in Autumn, he is pleased with how it has taken shape.

"We have new signage and Phase 2 was all about the blank wall - creating shadows made by the trees and the roses, which we have planted this year.

"The Bay Trees will cast shadows on the wall, which will change during the day as the sun comes over. The roses are various kinds and are all gold Royal Horticultural Society winners. There are also lots of herbs in this garden."

Autumn leaves cascade and the season begins

Shrubs and small trees are the permanent features that give a garden its framework and less durable plants such as herbaceous perennials annuals and bi-annuals can be planted around them.

So, as the garden that produces such a wonderful display starts its well deserved rest, it is time to reward them with good maintenance and help them prepare for the winter to come, making sure they are secure and protected. The fall of leaves provide an excellent source of compost that enable healthy growth for the new seasons ahead, collected and mixed with nettles and stored in black bags adding a little water will in spring provide a rich abundance of nutrients. This provides a high level of nitrogen - it smells revolting but its good stuff!
It is also time to replant trees and shrubs before first frost so get a move on and pack them well.

Here at Priory we do our upmost to provide a safe haven for all and that includes wildlife. I have mentioned in the past we have a family of wild rabbits, squirrels, moles and ducks and although they are not particularly good for gardens, they do provide entertainment from time to time  They have recently been named as Cyril the Squirrel, Molly the Mole, Rupert The Rabbit, Robin the Robin and Doris the Duck, however each species keeps me on my toes.

I wish you all a really happy autumn and enjoy the splendour and colour this season brings. Keep digging!

Mr C Farron, Gardener
Honorary Member of the RHS
Winner of North West Britain in Bloom, 
South Ribble in Bloom, 
Penwortham in Bloom
Judge for South Ribble and Penwortham in Bloom competitions

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