20 September 2022

Year 10 Jessica has just been on a course in the Lake District as part of her Anne Frank Trust Ambassador role. 

Jessica overcame a tough process to become an Anne Frank Trust Ambassador in July. 

Anne Frank was one of 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. She was just 15 and wrote a diary during her time in hiding and her life is used by the Trust to empower young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of discrimination and prejudice.  

One of Jessica’s first roles was to attend a course in Ambleside and she was one of just 15 chosen to attend this event. 

“I really enjoyed it.  We learnt about the Windermere children and went to the Holocaust Museum. 

“It was interesting. I was with other Anne Frank Ambassadors from the UK over three days. 

“I love writing poems and speeches and we had to write a poem about nature and, being at Ambleside with all the views, it was a good thing to do. 

“We will all meet up again in later this month and read out our poems which I am looking forward to. 

“I have also shared my work with History teacher Mr Eccles. Being an Ambassador really fires my imagination and it’s something positive.” 

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