22 July 2022

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On the last day of the academic year, we held our Sports Day.  The event has a reputation for being one of the most joyous occasions of the school calendar and this year certainly didn't disappoint.  

The day was a short one, with the academic year closing at 1pm, so the PE department had already completed the field events earlier in the week - now all eyes were firmly on the track! Pupils sat with their year groups as the four Houses battled it out.  Support was excellent with pupils marking their war paint across faces and limbs in their House colours.  

Last minute entries and multi-discipline competitors ensured that there was a full track programme with even a teachers 100m sprint to finish the day - Well done Mr Sneddon!

Mr Bullock said, "The pupils were outstanding on the day. There were so many fantastic performances with school records broken and individual personal best times achieved. It was a fantastic atmosphere.  Thank you to all on the day for their efforts, whether that was joining in the races or being so vocal in their support for their friends/Houses."

It was very close with Calder being crowned the winner with a final score of 724, closely followed by Ribble (722) and Douglas (718).  Well done to Mrs Eastham's house!

Thank you to History teacher, Mr Eccles, Year 11 leaver Will Jones and Year 11 Ameer A-H, for their photography.  Here's just a few of their images that sum up the atmosphere of the day.

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