18 July 2022

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This week a group of Year 8 girls had fun locking pupils into the Music practise room!

Geetha, Sophia, Niamh and Kayleigh worked together to come up with an escape room challenge and tasked the rest of the year group and younger pupils to get their lateral thinking caps on. 

The room was manned for three days over break and lunch periods, and proved extremely popular with staff and pupils alike. Teams of 4 or 5 could enter and try to crack the code to be released  If groups 'beat the room' in under 12 minutes, they were rewarded with a small sweet treat each. 

Pupils had to imagine they had been practising for the Summer Arts evening with their band, 'The Priory Peeps', and their teacher had locked them in the practise room. 

Vice Principal, Mrs Cowell, has been co-ordinating this with the girls in the music practise room within the Auditorio, but warned successful escapees, "If you beat the room, you MUST keep the solutions secret so as not to spoil it for others!"

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