18 July 2022

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It's been a few years since we last had our traditional end of year inter-house competition.  

The Assembly Hall became the battle ground on Monday as the four houses went head to head.

By the afternoon, Mrs Ham's Ribble had already triumphed against Mrs Bullock's Douglas in the heats whilst Mrs Bailey's Hodder overcame Mrs Eastham's Calder for the green and yellow teams to thrash it out against each other in the final.

In the end it was Ribble who were crowned the winners of this year's inter-house quiz! The green team won with a score of 45 against Hodder with 33 points. 

Quiz host, Mrs Cowell, said, "We did have a playful game of over and under to see who would have won in a tie break situation and...Ribble still won!"

Well done to all participants.

Calder, with Miss Deeley

Douglas with Miss Ackers

Hodder with Mr Eccles

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