16 June 2022

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Here's what our Cool Readers Club is all about...

These are our reading stars put forward by their English teacher.  We interview them about their current book, what they like reading about and what they like to do when they’re not reading.  Introducing Emily...

Emily admitted she likes to read and listen to books. 

Year 7 Emily said: “I am reading 'The World’s Worst Children 2' by David Walliams but I am listening, on audio book, to 'The World’s Worst Children 1.'

“I like listening at night to the audio book. I do like watching films as well, I enjoyed ‘Wonder’, but sometimes I am disappointed as I have already imagined what it would be like and then the films are different to what I imagine.

“My favourite author is David Walliams, I like 'Bad Dad' and 'Beast of Buckingham Palace', but there are some of his books I don’t enjoy as much. 

“I just like easy to read, funny books. The next one on my list is 'World’s Worst Children 3.'

“I also liked ‘The Funny Life of Teachers’ by James Campbell and Rob Jones, and I have nominated for their book ‘The Funny Life of Pets’ to come to the Priory library.” 

In school, Emily enjoys French and Computing while out of school she is sporty. 

“I do street dance at Eden Singleton’s Dance Company and I would like to do cheer as well. 

“I was netball captain at my primary school and I play netball here and also indoor athletics. I am waiting for rounders to start now.” 

Emily's English teacher, Ms Smith added, "Emily has already been a determined reader – clocking in books on an app we discovered as a class frequently. Emily’s vocabulary has expanded throughout the year and I’m so pleased she has found a favourite author."

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