13 May 2022

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We are excited to tell you that Penwortham Priory Academy has launched a school lottery.


The school’s ‘Your School Lottery’ is part of the Gatherwell Ltd lottery group which was established with a core value of being an ethical lottery provider to help schools facing growing financial pressure.

By taking part, the pupils here at Priory will benefit directly regardless of who wins as every penny raised goes straight back to our school. There is a guaranteed cash winner for the school each week and the chance to win the £25,000 jackpot!

You can choose to set up a direct debit, a recurring card payment or a one-off payment by card (the minimum term for this is 5 weeks at £5). If you're able to take part, please visit our ‘Your School Lottery’ page to purchase your first tickets >>


For further details and FAQs please see below or visit our website the Fundraising section of our website>> www.priory.lancs.sch.uk/fundraising-priory/school-lottery

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