9 February 2022

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Mrs Ham is certainly getting pupils to think in her GCSE Religious Education classes. 

As well as covering the study of Christianity and Islam, pupils will also look at religious, philosophical and ethical studies in the modern world such as human rights, good and evil, life and death and relationships. 

RE teacher Mrs Ham said: “This is our first GCSE Key Stage 4 group in Religious Education and we hope Year 9s will consider Religious Education in their options. 

“We look at Christianity and Islam and their beliefs and practices but touch on all world religions. We also cover subjects such as euthanasia, suicide, abortion and issues in our modern day lives. The pupils studying it at present are finding it really interesting.” 

Holly said: “It’s a fun subject, getting to know what other people believe and learning about other religions. It’s a lesson where you have to think a lot.” 

Aleasha said: “I enjoy it because I learn about other religions and cultures. It gives you a better understanding of the world.” 

Mimi said: “It’s interesting as you learn about things from other people’s perspectives.” 

Toby added: “I find it interesting learning about what other people believe.” 

Mrs Ham, with History teacher Miss Ackers, also run at Debate Club every Wednesday lunch-time which is popular.   “We debate everything from uniforms to gun control and it can get quite lively!” added Mrs Ham. 

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