7 February 2022

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Attendance & Family Support Manager, Mrs Swire, has praised the Priory pupils who have, in trying times, managed to maintain a high attendance record. 

With Covid, it has been a tough two years for pupils but many have managed to maintain a strong attendance at school, which is vital for making progress and achieving success. 

Good attendance is being in school at least 97% of the time and all pupils who meet this target receive Achievement Points. Each full term, names are entered into a draw and two names from each year are drawn out to receive a tub of Quality Street chocolates. 

Mrs Swire said: “It’s been so difficult under the circumstances, having to deal with Covid and the isolation periods, with guidance and rules changing on a weekly basis. 

“For those pupils who have managed to get 97%, it's fantastic, and every pupil who did this is rewarded with Achievement Points.” 

Year 7 Bailey has 100% attendance and said: “I have felt good every day!” 

Year 9 Rhema has also got 100% attendance and said: “I enjoy coming to school.”   

Year 9 Katie said: “I have had good attendance but I have just missed a couple of days with appointments and I accept that. I enjoy coming to school so I don’t want to miss any days.” 

Year 11 George added: “It’s important to have a good attendance, especially in Year 11, and I enjoy coming to school. I hope to go to Preston’s College in the future to do an Apprenticeship in engineering or plumbing.” 

Year 11 Deputy Head Girl Emily said: “It’s really important to come to school, you need regular attendance as you have to put in a lot of hard work building up to your GCSEs so it makes sense to come to school every day.” 

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