10 January 2022

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Assistant Head of Maths Mr Henshaw, along with the Maths Department, ran a competition asking Year 7 pupils to say what they particularly enjoy about the subject. Pupils were tasked with completing the following sentence,  "I love Maths because..."

Here's why Jad and Bobby love Maths:


I love maths because it is fun and interesting. It teaches you lots of things that you would need when you are older because most jobs have maths in them eg architects have to measure the metres in width, length, height; cashiers and accountants as well have to do a lot of maths so that is why I think maths is very important and fun/interesting.


I love maths because I love the thrill of getting them all right. I also like it when me and Eden (who I sit next to in maths) work out a hard question that Mr Scott has put on the board.

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