30 November 2021

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The start of December means advent calendars. Chocolate, sweets, and... science?! That's right! 

Year 7 & 8

The Science department's first house competition started this week with an advent calendar challenge for Years 7 and 8. Pupils are tasked each day with identifying the key term from the definition provided (see below) - answers to be written on the grid on the back of the sheet. 

Advent calendars have been handed out during lesson time and once completed they should be returned to Miss Nouraghaeii or Mr Bedford. Achievement points will be given to all students who complete the advent calendar, along with extra prizes for winners of the competition!  

Year 11

Not to be left out, Year 11 pupils have been given a science advent calendar as part of their set homework. The assignment is a small 3 mark question short revision task for each day up to Fri, 17 December. Each question should take approximately 5 minutes with the answers to be written in the grid on the back.

With exams in the not too distant future, it is important that Year 11 students begin to revise in regular small chunks and this task should help build a solid routine. We are keen to instil in students an attitude of continual short revision, rather than a last minute cram. Research and evidence has repeatedly shown that this is better for long term retention and understanding.

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