1 November 2021

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The Year 8 annual ‘Design a Bookmark’ competition is always popular and Mrs Webster admitted there were ‘fantastic entries’ and it was hard to choose a winner. 

The year group were set a creative challenge last month which will also prove useful for pupils' Accelerated Reading (AR) sessions.  Pupils had to design a bookmark for use by the whole school so that readers not only didn’t lose their place in their books but had a useful reminder of their Accelerated Reader details.

In the end, Layla was selected as the designer who fitted this year's ‘Everybody’s Reading’ theme of the competition and of Priory. 

Layla said: “I didn’t expect to win at all. My idea was of books and love hearts with people all around to represent ‘Everybody’s Reading.” 

George went 3D with his, using some stick on wobbly eyes to emphasise the theme.  “We had them in the house so I decided to use them and they said to me ‘Everybody’s Reading’. "

English teacher Mrs Webster said: “We had some fantastic entries and there were some big dilemmas about which one to choose. In the end we chose Layla’s as she fitted the brief of ‘Everybody’s Reading’ perfectly and that’s what made hers stand out. This is always such a popular competition.” 

Head of English Mrs Gidden said: “I am proud of my class as they made a large number of entries and were among the winners. This competition gets stronger every year. I think we all wanted the bookmark from George with the googly eyes on it!” 

Using the template provided, pupils had to design their bookmark within a area specified. The six designs will now be printed onto card and distributed to all readers who will then be able to add their name, their reading ZPD, their colour code and it also has the web address for the AR site on it - all the questions pupils typically ask during AR sessions!

Well done winner Layla H and the five runners up George F, Charlotte M (not pictured), Molly S, Geetha R, Sophia T.

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