1 November 2021

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MABAL is music played through the school's tannoy system during break and lunch.  Chosen by Mr Taylor, Lead Teacher for Music, this is designed to offer exposure to the curriculum in different ways, and support pupils' appreciation of music.

The focus is on one theme each week across a genre, a country or from history.  The theme could also link to the season or an event in school, such as the upcoming production, Matilda.

W/c 1 November is about the 1950s

Here, this is the end of the Big Band era and the beginning of Rock 'n' Roll, led by such as Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill, a song originally written in the 1940's then covered by such as Elvis and Led Zeppelin. It was also the advent of the jukebox and the first time pop music became available to the masses through recorded sound on vinyl.

A couple of 1950's legends had tragically short lives, such as Buddy Holly (22) and Ritchie Valens (17) famous for such hits as Peggy Sue and La Bamba respectively. Sadly both were killed in the same plane crash.

Other stars such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry were still performing in their 80's however, until their recent deaths.

Themes planned for the coming weeks include...

Russian Music, Songs from Shows, Christmas Songs, Music from the Decades, French Music, Western Classical Music, Jazz, Latin, Film, Soul, Motown and Legends - Elvis, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson

Any further suggestions are welcomed - pupils should see Mr Taylor or email a.taylor@priory.lancs.sch.uk .

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