20 January 2021

“and snow it begins again …”

I hope this article finds you well, and that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

The weather over the festive period saw cold spells and snow for many, and this was perfect for those of you wanting to get out and snap those incredible photos of our local weather. 
Thank you to all who took part in the first week of this, the second lockdown Priory Photo competition.  It was a busy week where over 40 entries were emailed in and it’s always a pleasure to see such wonderful photos.
The theme for the next fortnight is the colour RED.  All entries to be emailed to Mr Metcalfe at p.metcalfe@priory.lancs.sch.uk by Thurs, 4 February 2021.
As for this week, your superstar winners were:

•    Amy G (Year 11) – Brittle Branches
•    Layla H (Year 7) – Snowy Sunset
•    Louis F (Year 11) – Frosted Leaf

See slide show below to view all the winning photos.

Mr Metcalfe
Head of Humanities