22 October 2020

Year 7 pupils were playing games in Geography – with a twist as they learnt about the movement of water within the Earth and the atmosphere. 
Pupils in Mr Watters’ class each developed a ‘Water Cycle’ game which they can pass on to primary school pupils when the visits hopefully re-start after Covid-19. 

Teacher Mr Watters, said: "They have developed a rough draft and then shown incredible ingenuity to develop a game which will be shared with pupils from their own primary school. The games will be laminated as will the rules which will allow up to four children to play together. "

The Water Cycle is the path all water follows as it moves around the planet and pupils were asked to think about where it’s transferred and where it’s stored.  Through their games the pupils learnt that water is essential to life on Earth and it ties together the major parts of the Earth’s climate system – air, clouds, the ocean, lakes, vegetation and glaciers. 
Charlie said: “I have learnt that water evaporates up to the clouds and is re-sourced. I enjoyed making the game as it made it all easier to understand.” 

Abbie said: “In my game, I showed how the water is in clouds and runs down mountains and in rivers. It has helped me understand the water cycle better and it makes it fun."

Delighted with their work, Mr Watters, commented, "The infectious enthusiasm of the pupils is great to experience. Many pupils have developed the key geographical terms within their games. 

"Using games in education often helps pupils think through complex content. The pupils worked through their ideas, shared those ideas and were also problem solving.  Their level of understanding improved as a result and sharing their work has a beneficial impact on all of them.  The pupils have spent dedicated improvement and reflection time (DIRT) on their games before they're finally produced." 

Mr Watters continued, "The class wanted to improve both their understanding and the quality of their work to produce Hydroligical Cycle Games which easily rival commercial games and simulations. Well done Year 7!"

The pupils are completing their games over the half term break. 

Geography water cycle game

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