19 October 2020

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Year 8 pupil, Harry, wrote a heartfelt poem about his football experiences and won the school’s competition. Now his poem has landed him a page in the Preston North End match day programme.

Harry won the poetry competition whilst in Year 7, after one match made him put pen to paper about coaches and parents on the sidelines at junior matches. 

“I play for centre half for Cadley,” said the Preston North End fan. “We were playing one game and we were winning. 

“The opposition parents were swearing on the sidelines and then their children on the pitch got annoyed and frustrated because of that and it all kicked off.
“My parents and coaches just want me to enjoy my football and it’s constructive criticism, if any, not swearing and shouting. 

There is enough pressure in life and sport is about enjoyment not pressure. 

“I was proud to win the competition. My mum and dad liked my poem!” 

Young Football by Harry 

They stand on a field, 
their hearts beating fast, 
the whistle has blown, 
the die has been cast. 

Mum and dad can't help, 
they stand all alone. 
A goal at this moment, 
would send their team home. 
The ball nears their feet, 
they kick and it misses. 
There're moans from the crowd, 

some boos and some hisses 

The home fans in agony, 
especially my mum. 
A caring voice cries out, 
"unlucky, my son". 

If you're ever tempted to shout or moan, 
remember, it's a child 
who stands out there alone. 
So, open your heart 

and give them a break. 
It's moments like this, 
a player you make. 
Keep this in mind 

when others forget; 
They're only young children,   
not adults yet! 

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