25 September 2019

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On Tuesday a group of our pupils took up the opportunity to make themselves better, safer cyclists.

We advise that all pupils who cycle to school complete the Level 3 Bikeability course.  This two hour course is offered free through school and is run by South Ribble Sports Development.  Training takes place on public roads, under supervision.  

Level 3 teaches pupils how to cycle on multi-lane roads and use complex junctions.  

At Level 3 you can 

  • Prepare for a journey
  • Understand advanced road positioning
  • Pass queuing traffic
  • Perceive and deal with hazards
  • Understand driver blind spots
  • React to hazardous road surfaces

For further information go to www.bikeablity.org.uk

The next course will be offered again at Priory on Mon, 7 October.  Pupils should register their interest with Mr Bullock, Head of PE & Sports, by next Weds 2 October (parents can email m.bullock@priory.lancs.sch.uk).

A reminder that a helmet is compulsory. Bikes must be in good working order, with working brakes and pumped up tyres.