17 September 2019

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After months in the planning, the Penwortham Priory Academy Library was officially reopened on Monday. 

The school has purchased an abundance of new books, from the latest fiction and non-fiction to poetry and classics. We were also grateful to receive donations from parents too which have supplemented the replenished stock.  The dedicated team of librarians have spent many a break and lunchtime sorting, sifting and logging - all to make the reading experience at Priory all the more rich. 

At the break-time reopening, Headteacher Mr Eastham, warmed up the crowd of eager bibliophiles, emphasising the importance of reading regularly, how it improves vocabulary and enriches all academic subjects.  The honour of cutting the ribbon was given to Year 10 pupil Cerys S, who was selected as Mrs Gidden’s literary trailblazer after reading over 12 million words on the Accelerated Reader programme.  

As the ribbon fell, party-poppers flew and the crowds surged forward to grab their books from the towers of colourful shelving.

Any Priory pupil may borrow a book from the library.  Once a book has been chosen, take it to the desk to be scanned and date-stamped by one of the Librarians. Pupils can keep the book for as long as they need.  When returning books, please make sure it is put on the returns trolley so that we know it is back with us (don’t put it on the shelf!).

There is a reconfigured lounge where pupils can gather to discuss their choices or simply to have a comfortable place to enjoy the adventure of their new reading companion.

Books can be changed:  During AM Prep (after you have registered) | Lunch | After School

Head of English, Mrs Gidden, gushed with excitement for the refurbished facility and added, “I am delighted with the effort that the Librarians have put in; we couldn’t have done any of this without these pupils and Mrs Elliott who co-ordinated the whole project.”

Thank you to Librarians:  

Rhianne L, Emily B, Dominic C, Josie M, Violet S, Lily H, Scarlet F, Erin M, Cora P.