First of all, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new parents.

As a new parent at Priory, you automatically become a member of the PTFA. Don't worry, there is no membership fee! There are, however, lots of activities the PTFA are involved in and lots of ways you can join in and help the school and your children.

The main function of the PTFA is to raise funds for the school, through a wide variety of events and activities. Money raised is used to provide those extra things which will enhance our children's experience at school. With the current government spending cuts the need is even more critical than it has ever been before. In addition, we provide a chance to meet with other parents at regular meetings and organised social events.

We are only too aware that many of you have previously been involved in PTA activity at Primary School level. Unfortunately the need for additional funds does not stop when your child reaches Secondary School and without parent involvement the only people that suffer are the pupils of the school, your child.

There is a lot of talk and fears regarding school PTFAs, please be ensured that this is not the case and we are a friendly bunch. It is appreciated that everyone has busy lives and cannot commit on a regular basis. Whether you want to be involved on the committee or just spare half hour setting up or manning a stall. All our volunteers are equal and just as important; 'Many hands make light work'

If you feel that you are not able to volunteer any time, you can still help our fundraising by taking part in one of our fundraising schemes. Please see separate leaflet.

Below are a few answers to some of your questions.

What have the PTFA raised funds for other the last few years?

  • Contributed to a Minibus.
  • Purchased Stage Microphone System.
  • Sponsored Year 8 football team kit.
  • Sponsored Penwortham Christmas Tree.

What has the recent activities to help raise fund?

  • Tree planting is association with Sainsbury's.
  • Program and Ticket printing for Gym and Dance show.
  • Running Tombola at Talent Show.

What are the future fundraising projects?

  • Stage Production Sound and Lighting Booth
  • Wall mirrors for dance department.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope that you know a little more about our Parents, Teachers and Friends Association.

On behalf of all the children, we would like to thank you in advance for your support, which helps enrich their learning experiences and makes their time at school so enjoyable.

From all the PTFA Committee