Inspiration for our future generations of students

We are always very proud to hear about ex-students of the school who have moved on to successful careers in their working lives. For example, Dominic Rogan is now working at Everton Football Club, Michael Potts has been on the playing staff at Blackburn Rovers and is now playing at York City, Tom Wootton is now a pilot for Ryanair and Jessica Taylor of Liberty X fame, were all students who came to Priory.

To celebrate the achievements of our past students, our 'Priory Wall of Inspiration' proudly displays information on them.

The wall occupies a prominent position in the school surrounding our front entrance area and is already inspiring current students, highlighting to them what can be achieved by being a student at Priory.

We hope to continue adding to our wall as the years progress so again, if you know of any past students who have gone on to do great things, whatever that might be, once they have left school, then please let Mr Eastham know as soon as possible so we can make contact with them and ask their permission to be included on our 'Wall of Inspiration'.

Don't forget too, that if you are a current student, always keep in touch with us even after you have left school to let us know how you are doing and who knows, maybe one day you will be included on our 'Wall' and be a permanent part of our school's very proud history.